Namaste, I'm ∫unil.

The world is too big to explore every corner, and among all those countless places you could be right now, you chose to visit me — how honoured I am!

Welcome to my corner of the internet. It's not much, but I call it my digital home. If you don't know about me, here's a little sneak peak into my weird self - I work as an associate product manager during the day, and read-talk-curate-build-sleep during the night. Just the usual stuff.

Curiosity is what drives me (crazy). I'm currently learning to code and building some silly stuff for the netizens just like you. This website serves as a repository of my work and my wierd self so that you don't have to stalk me on my socials and other websites.

Disclaimer 1: If you don't like metaphors and boring art, I'm sorry. You'll find a lot of those here.

Disclaimer 2: For all the disclaimers I didn't write as they bored me. Also, If you don't understand few terms, do look up in my personal dictionary. I often make up my own words.

Anything to talk about?

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